Monday, February 11, 2013

Lake Placid Surprises

Forgot to tell everyone the fantasticness that was 2 weekends ago! We went to Lake Placid for a long weekend. It was a pretty fantastic mini-vacation and VERY much needed. Despite the way below freezing temperatures (we woke up to -18!) we had a great time exploring the town and checking out the fantastic Olympic Center. Although we didn't go into the Olympic Museum because our cheap butts didn't want to fork out $6, we did check out all three of the huge ice skating rinks. It was pretty fantastic. The shopping was great as well - there were some very cute things going on in those shops. Plus, they had heat. That was a major bonus when you're hanging out in 2* weather.

So I just wanted to show off post my pictures of some of our weekend. First up - this is what I woke up to every morning :) And yes, this is literally what I woke up to because those windows right there? They didn't have curtains. Why hello there, sunrise.

Also while in town, we went to a local brewery. Ever since my husband and his friends and family began home-brewing, I have been very interested in craft beers. Read this as "interested" - not necessarily as "like". Some of them are pretty nasty. Although I know this fact, that will not stop me from trying any and all craft beer available. Therefore, when I saw this tester... I knew it was mine.

One of my favorite parts of this tester (apart from that bottom middle one... that was tasty!) is the serving platter. It was a slice of tree with nester circles for the glasses. Tres cool, in my opinion.

Finally - and I'm sure you're asking - what does this have to do with my blog? Well, faithful readers, I found something in our room that I could not help but get really giddy and excited about. I found this beauty:

Sorry about this picture, it was hard to get the inside picture just right and it won't rotate... use your imagination.

I found an old Singer! I didn't want to play with it too much as I'm more than a little accident prone, but the entire thing is a very sturdy steel - bobbins and everything. Nothing on this baby was plastic. I quite literally jumped in surprise and squeeled in excitement when I figured out what this thing was! My husband just thought it was a plain ol' desk, but as soon as I saw the old foot pedal, I knew it was way more special than that!

I'm going to go ahead and take this as a sign that sewing is something that is just meant for me. I may not be great at it, and things may not turn out well, but boy does the machine follow me around!

If any of you recongnize the model, know the year, or know that I'm getting any of this information wrong - please let me know in the comments!