Friday, July 19, 2013

As You May Have Noticed...

... there was no post yesterday.

My bad.

There was no post because the best sewing I've done all week (or the closest to) was putting a button onto my  husbands pants. Whoop-de-freakin'-do. You would think that since it's been so hot (pushing 105 today) that I would relish the fact of going into my basement craft room and getting lost for a while. Not so much.

In actuality, my stupid ass thought it necessary to have some "me" time this week that did not include crafts, but instead, running. I ran another 5k on the treadmill the other day and plan to do it again today. Beyond that, it's the boring stuff: work, work work and - Surprise! - work.

I will have a project for you all next week, I promise. And, because I've been a failed blogger this week, I'm hoping to even sneak in an extra post/project this week.

Stick with me - stay tuned, and most importantly...

Stay cool.