Saturday, September 29, 2012

Whew! I need to google this...

My first post and project. How... overwhelming! So here's the reason for this whole ordeal: I need practice. Pretty simple, right? I've had a bit of practice with the big bad sewing machine so far. I've bought kits - they're interesting but I feel like I'm cheating. It's all pre-cut fabric, pin it together, sew it up and ta da! end result is a table runner or quilt; not too much creativity or brain power used. I've taken the measurements of these pre-cut fabrics and have chosen my own fabric and used the pattern and ta da! end result is a table runner or quilt. In all honesty, a girl can only have so many quilts and table runners.

So I took on re-vamping my craft room. Home projects always get the brain flowing! So I re-painted and re-organized and it was tons of fun. That is always going to be a work in project, finding more storage and such, but now I found myself craving to actually USE my brand spanking new craft room for, well, crafts! I went back to the drawing board - what to practice on now?

I thought about the fact that I'm a new homeowner on a small budget. Also a new wife with a small budget. And a girl with a "sale" brain for a cheap budget. It didn't take a genius to see the pattern: small budget. I googled something along the lines of "crafts on a small budget" and saw a random blog post of a girl that turned around a $5 dollar thrift store dress into a night out dress and no one knew the difference and she looked amazing.

Eureka! (I've always wanted to say that!) This was it - I could get crafty with thrift store finds. I googled thrift stores and found myself getting even more excited. Not only do they have clothes, but they have housewares and furniture. The brain started flowing - any mess ups I have I can chuck it up to practice, and any successes I had was a new item for our home or my closet. It was truly a win-win. Therefore... off I went.

The posts that follow should be documenting my works of "creativity" - whether it is a fail or success you will see it, as well as hear all the details throughout the project. My goal is to take pictures of most of the steps taken so you can see the whole process. As for HOW to do all this stuff...

I need to google this.