Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excitement on the Blue Dress Front!

After a fantastic weekend spent in Boston, the husband and I decided to stop in and meander at the Lee Outlets (Lee, MA) on the way home. When we stopped in, one of the first places that we went to was Van Heusen, a store that I often relish in the fact that I can find cute (and often lacy... not sure why that's a pattern lately) pieces that I can actually afford.


(Sorry that it is sideways... the picture itself is right side up but apparently Google Blogger wanted to rotate it. I don't complain because it's letting me blog for free, so do your thing Google.)

Does that look familiar though? It SHOULD! Because that is pretty much the exact skirt that I made the blue dress into!  (And if you missed it you can find it here.) It had a bit bigger dots, and I'm sure the hemline was much straighter, but the fabric, style and general fashion idea was the same. I was so psyched, so I had to take a picture. And what was the price on it, you ask? The Van Heusen price was $69.00 and the Outlet price was around $22.00. What was the price of my skirt? $2.50. Eat it, Van Heusen.

I'd also like to note that my husband was pretty excited for me as well. His first response when I showed him was "You should take a picture for your blog!". Sarcastic or not - I was pretty psyched to do so :) He certainly may not read this thing - he gets enough of my quips and sarcasm each day in real life to fill that quota - but he's certainly happy to enable support it.