Friday, October 12, 2012

Update: The Retro Dress

So I apologize for making you wait so long after the wine tour for pictures, as I had a rough week being sick. But... back now and ready to show you the results!

I didn't quite take a detailed picture of the entire outfit, but here is a pretty good one for both laughs and proof that I got this thing to fit (and ready for the public to view!)

It was pretty chilly that day, so I wore a sweater over it most of the time, so unfortunately you can't really see the side lace all that well. The good news is that it was a pretty fantastically comfortable outfit for running around in, and stayed together with no embarrassing rips/tears, so this one WILL debut again (once I test out the washing portion of it...) and hopefully I'll be able to remember to take a good picture of the whole outfit next time :)

But onto more important things - seriously, how awesome do all the masks look?! Our Queen of the Day very much rocked.