Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"So... do you actually wear this stuff?"

Oh my blog! (bahaha... get it?) Life has been crazy lately, so unfortunately I haven't been able to do any new outfits for the Thanksgiving season. This fact makes me very sad, but I believe I'm going to don the Muu Muu Magic dress for Black Friday Shopping, so at least I'll be representing my project in some way, shape and form for this holiday.

Now, word about the blog has gotten around, and those who haven't read it often say "oh, I saw your post on facebook - what's that about?" So I explain what I'm doing and show them pictures. No matter if they've read this blog or not, the reaction (and facial expressions) are usually the same: shock, "oh", a slow nod and raised eyebrows, and finally, "so do you actually wear this stuff?". And the answer is....


I know, I know - it's crazy talk. I know that the stuff I make is not the most fashionable stuff on the market, and it certainly is a different taste (I'm not entirely sure that the taste is even mine, in all honesty), but it's just something about putting things together and creating something new that really makes you proud. Proud enough to show it off. Proud enough to not be ashamed when you hear "wow... that's different." (You'll see more of what I mean when you see the Christmas skirt I have planned in my mind...)

So here are just a few examples. Remember the blue dress? I often wear that to work - usually the same outfit/colors that I wore in the final picture. The only problem I'm finding with the skirt is that it stretches out pretty easily, so by the time I get home it's about 2 sizes larger than it was in the morning. I may have to re-visit this skirt to get some sort of better button holes on it. You know - better buttonhole than the "cut and prey" buttonhole that's on there currently.

The muu muu magic made it's own debut a few weeks ago. The hubby and I, along with a buddy of his, watched a Syracuse game at home and then I did a bunch of errands around town in it (with not even one dirty/odd look at my outfit that i noticed). Also, remember The New Nightstand? I was wearing the Muu Muu when I finished that :) The only thing I'm having a rough time with for that dress is the accessories. I bought brown boots and brown leggings - and it's just too much brown. I ended up wearing my favorite grey boots with the leggings and it didn't look bad, but all I could hear were E! entertainment voices in my head saying "brown and black do NOT go together!"

Finally, the retro dress. Today at my job I had the pleasure of handing out free turkeys to our employees. It is the first day in a long time that I didn't want to quit, and I had a blast making people's holidays a bit more special (and affordable). Another good part of it was that I could wear casual clothes. I had to take the opportunity to debut a project dress at work, so heres' my work outfit :

I know I didn't post a very good "after" picture of this from the wine tour, so here is a better one. It's the retro dress, a pair of dark skinny jeans and my favorite grey boots.

So there you have it - yes, I am doing this for practice, but these items are not going to waste either. Except maybe the New York and Company (Wannabe) shirt. That doesn't fit and was a fail. All the other ones, though, are fully put to use :)

I'm hoping I won't be on a project hiatus for too much longer. After Thanksgiving, I'm hoping to have a few Christmas projects going on for all the parties and festivities going on around the holiday season. I'll be sure to post 'em, as always, success or fail. In the meantime, my dear readers, (because thanks to Bloggers tracking, I know you're actually reading it! *huge smile*) I hope you all have a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday!