Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic

This post title was inspired by one of the most annoying, and most beloved, HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation) morning - anywhere from 6am-7am - wake-up songs.

So... there are a few things I haven't done in quite a while:

1. Sew
2. Blog
3. Sleep
4. Breathe out of my nose and clear lungs

In all honesty, number 4 is the one that is hindering the first three activities. The *dun dun dun* cold has remained and apparently it's taken up a long-term residency. I haven't gotten to any projects, as I mostly come straight home from work and plop on the couch and take DayQuil, then NyQuil when it's an appropriate time to go to bed (around, oh, 9:00pm - that's totally normal, right? Right?!)

I have, at least, gotten to the bottom of the cause of this cold. Recently at work I was given a new floor to audit - I work in a local nursing home. That same floor that I was given to audit recently got closed due to a "severe respiratory illness" that is averaging about 3 weeks to recover from. Mystery solved on that one. Oh the joys of working in healthcare... Anywho, everyone on the floor was tested for flu and tested negative - so thankfully, I can pretty much assume that I do not have the flu as well. That, in small favors, is called "lucky".

With the average recovery time going about 3 weeks, I'm a good halfway through it. I'm hoping to speed through the next half of this cold and get back to sewing, blogging and sleeping as per usual. As soon as "normal" happens, I promise you will get a project. In the meantime - just know that I'm still alive and awake, and currently working like a champ on the alert and enthusiastic parts.