Monday, January 21, 2013

Skirtin' the Sickness

So this weekend I had tons of plans that got side-railed by *dun dun dun* a cold. It started on Friday and has yet to get it's butt kicked by a healthy dosage of DayQuil and NyQuil. It's quite the fighter and it has chosen to stick around. So here I am: on a sick day, on a Monday, sittin' on my couch blogging. I live a crazy, crazy life.

Last night, I finally felt a little better (by better I mean I finally got out of bed) so I decided to try some sewing. I took a mens shirt that I had picked up on my trip to the thrift store in Oswego that had an "everything you can fit in a bag for $3" sale. I crammed a lot of stuff in that bag, so I picked up this shirt for about 25 cents. At this price,even if my sniveling, sneezing butt messed it up it wasn't exactly a what I would call a "loss".

Sophie will be kind enough to model the shirt, as I was by no means going to take a picture of myself in this sickly state. I make no apologies because really, I'm doing your eyes a favor.

The SAS logo really hindered my use of anything up top, so I decided to go ahead and chop it off at the armpits, as such.

I really adored the pattern and the fabric was stretchy, warm and pretty fantastic. Being that the bottom of the shirt was uneven - the front was shorter than the back - I cut off the back hem and flipped the shit upside down. I then cut about 1 inch off the side to make it more fitted. I then sewed my top hem about 1 1/4 inch down, in order to make room for the elastic. I used the safety pin trick to weave the elastic into the top hem. Then I attempted to sew the two ends of elastic together.

At this point, disaster struck. My bobbin on my machine kept falling out of its little bobbin hole thing and the thread kept on breaking. I had no idea what was happening, so like a rational adult I had a straight up hissy fit and yelled "I quit", called it a night and went back to bed.

Today, I came back to it. I looked at the bobbins that I bought and realized that I had bought the wrong ones. I'm not even entirely sure if this is why I had all the problems last night - it's a toss up between that and my machine being totally dirty/dusty - but I decided I did not want to go through all that again. Besides, I started this blog for practice, so I saw it as an opportunity to practice my hand sewn blind stitch. I actually got this right on the first try and it looked pretty good. I couldn't muster up the energy for my usual happy dance when things go right, so I just settled on a sip of orange juice and a snotty "hell yes".

A half hour later or so, I ended up with this - again, modeled by Sophie.

And of course, I had to style her up.

This shirt is a lace shirt that I bought at the Salvation Army. I had full intentions on it being my first dye project, but I think I like it too much to play with it. At $1.25, there was no real "lose" situation whether it remained un-dyed or if it gets dyed.

Sorry of this post is a bit boring... my sick brain isn't quite so "on top" of the usual sarcasm and witty quips. I'll be better in the next post, when I'm all healthy and stuff.