Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dying to be Different

Happy Sunday! I just gotta start this by saying - I totally freaking love this dress! I was super excited how it came out. I also want to let you know beforehand that I totally failed at taking pictures of the process. So... you win, you lose, right?

I started out with this:
This dress may or may not have been homemade. There was a tag but it literally said nothing but a word that I couldn't read. I had no idea what the fabric was, how to wash, etc. It was also a very nasty color, stained in a few places, and just generally ugly. It's been hanging on my refashion "to do" rack for quite a while- until this weekend when I had an "AHA!" moment. What a perfect job for these guys:

I got a few of these on sale at Joann's, so I brought home some colors I thought may work for this dress. Once I got everything home I decided that red was the way to go.

Once I had the hot water and red dye in the bucket, I thought "well hey, let's get dye crazy" and added in a bit of the tangerine as well.

And this is where the pictures stop, friends. Here's the short checklist of items:
1) Dye in a bucket for a few hours, rinse and spin in the wash and toss in the dryer
2) This dress was way too small in the arms and a tad too small in the bust. To fix, I got rid of the arms altogether - they had holes anyway - and I made more a V-neck in the bust to let those babies breathe a bit more.
3) Chop chop! I cut off the bottom so it no longer stopped at my calves. Why is that a thing, anyway?

And that's it! Super simple changes to make a boring brown dress into something that totally stands out!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. Stay tuned for Wednesday - we're testing Pinterest!