Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fabric Invasion!

Hello All!

I know it's only Tuesday, but I just had to show everyone my recent haul! I've recently gotten into the habit of going onto Craigslist for arts and craft items. Mainly, I've been looking for cheap sergers, sewing supplies and random varieties of ribbons, thread, elastics, bias, etc. As I only started looking about a week ago, and have no committments to myself to purchase anything just yet, I couldn't help but answer one advertisement.
What was it you ask?! TWO (read it, TWO!) big bins fabric. And this isn't just remnant fabric; most of these cuts are full out yards of it. Some of the fabric, even though it had obviously been cut, still had at least a yard of it. With the exception of some very bright pink tulle, none of the "remant" fabrics were any less than a half of a yard. Some, such as the top dark fabric on the left pile in the picture, still had the price slip on it from Joann fabrics (3 yards priced at 18.00). The only downside is that there is so much fabric and none of it has explanations/details on it. Some are pretty obvious, such as velvet, corduroy, cotton, etc. but then there are others that are out of my fabric knowledge. Another thing I'll have to google, I guess! I'm so excited to have this fabric - not only can I make interesting additions to my thrift store finds now, but I may even be able to create something homegrown and all my own! (See what I did there?)

And oh! I forgot the very best part. All I paid for this fabric that the lady estimated at $600 (I found $120 worth of price slips still on the fabric):


Gonna go ahead and call that my Steal of the Month!