Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Updates!

It's fixed, it's fixed! To be honest, not even sure what happened to it in the first place, but the sewing machine is fixed!

My husband took my machine apart and basically gave everything a good cleaning, pulling out the goop, thread and grease that had made its way into my machine. Nothing was actually found to be wrong - apparently the banging and all the other weird stuff that was going on was only caused by a dirty machine. Which doesn't make me feel like a sewing scumbag at all (sarcasm.)

So now that that was taken care of, I could finish up some of the projects that I've left half finished. One of these projects was my school marm dress. (See a refresher here.) As you may remember, I left this dress on Sophie all pinned together but not sewed up because I was missing a piece of elastic for the back to hold it up. Well, when I was searching around for the feet that I bought from ebay mentioned in the last post, I pawed through the back of one of my craft drawers and found a piece of elastic about 4 inches long that was perfect! So I went ahead and sewed everything up.

I'm pretty ecstatic about how it came out - the arms ended up coming out a bit weird, but I'm a layerer (that's a word now, deal with it) so it's not often I'd wear a dress like this without a cardigan of some sort. Therefore - the arms shouldn't be too noticable when I actually wear this somewhere.

Here we are:
I will end up making the length shorter, but that is the end of this project :) So stoked that the project that had the most construction turned out to be one of my biggest (and best!) project.

Also, because my husband and I are pretty in love with it, I wanted to show you one of our anniversary gifts. Thomas, one of our groomsman, gave this to us last week for our 1st anniversary and we were so stoked to put it on our wall! It looks fantastic and is just  what we needed, not just to make our home feel like a home, but also a personal touch to really commemorate the best day in our lives. Not only is it a fantastic picture, but we also love it because it is a picture that was taken by Thomas himself on our wedding day when we were walking on the golf course. It's the personal touch and story that makes this so much more perfect. (I know - I got all sappy there. My apologies.) The artsists name is Brooke Elizabeth Ann - once I get contact info (website, etc) I will make sure to post it. From this picture, I can safely say that she. is. amazing.

For those celebrating - Happy Memorial Day! I have lots of family members and friends, past and present, that have served or are currently serving in one of our wonderful branches of the United States military. I love and respect you all, and there are no words that can express how much I truly appreciate you all fighting and putting your lives on the line for our personal freedom. A few honorable mentions: my grandfather, my uncles, both of my brothers and more than a handful of my high school friends, all have whom have served in some sort of war. Superman be damned - you are my heroes.