Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pants Off, Dance Off!

Hey, hey, hey! It's Thursday!

I have finally hit the point where my four week notice at work is OVER. I was finished with work on Tuesday, as my notice went to the end of the month. I start the new job on Monday, so I had a whole three days to myself. I know this doesn't sound like much but, save for my wedding/honeymoon, this is the most amount of days that I've taken off since college (a good 5 years ago). I'm just not good at vacations and taking time off.

So for my mini-vacation, I really wanted to be able to kick back and relax. I'm pretty well known for wearing the crap out of my lounge pants - and never really buying new. Therefore, pretty much every single one of my lounge pants have holes in them. Not cute. So I went through my stash of refashion-to-do's and found this beauty:

It was a maxi skirt made out of sweatshirt material - what more could a girl ask for? Now, I don't do maxi skirts; they just don't work on my body. Additionally, I'm super clumsy so any extra fabric around my ankles is generally frowned upon. I took the opportunity to try to make my first pant. I wasn't entirely sure how to go about doing it until I looked down. I was wearing my favorite skinny jeans that were amazingly comfortable so I said to myself "why not?". So here's where we get all PG rated and such: I took my pants off, turned the skirt inside out and slapped my pants on top of them to use as a pattern.

It was also at this point I realized I was apparently pretty partial to plum. Go figure.

I pinned, using my usual copious amount of pins, all around the legs and the crotch area. I made sure to go in a bit more than the pattern pants because my favorite pants are about a size too big (probably where the pure comfort comes from).

The crotch area was by far the hardest. I knew that the butt part had to be bigger to hold la ba-dunk-a-dunk, but I didn't want to make it too small and end up going PG-13 in this joint. I figured I'd play it safe, do a general apex in the middle, and deal with it later. You also may notice I didn't really use any of the original seams. I knew I should have, but the skirt has a slit on the side that put a bit of a damper on my seams. I knew the random seams (and darts) would make the pants look odd, but as I was just going to wear these at home, I wasn't all too concerned.

After sewing around the legs (only at Thrifty Sew will you hear "alright, let's get my pants back on and sew this) I chopped out the middle.

As anticipated, when I put the lounge pants on, the ba-dunk-a-dunk fit great, but the front looked like I was wearing a man's cup. At first, I wasn't sure how to go about fixing it, so after playing with a few different techniques, finally I chose the least classy way. I put them on inside out, grabbed a handful of crotch and pinned the amount of fabric I wanted to take in. I then took them back off, and pinned a better sew line.

In hindsight, I could have brought them in a bit more, as there is still quite the gap in the crotch, but all in all they didn't turn out too bad. They are certainly a very good in-home lounge pant, but I wouldn't go out and prance (or dance!) around town in them by any means. Once the crotch was sewn and I cut off the excess, I donned my new lounge pants and prepared for 3 more days of no worries and no work!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend as well! Also, my wedding anniversary is this Sunday, so I may have to make a special outfit of some sort for that! Stay tuned!