Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hawaiian Breeze

Happy Thursday, all! I'm coming down from an 11 hour workday, so today's project had to be a quick and easy one in order for me to go to bed at a reasonable hour (and, ya know, not by a big ol' grumpy face.)

So I started off with something that wasn't so bad.

This one definitely had potential, with only a few issues. The print is definitely what drew me towards this. It's been raining like crazy here in New York lately so it is far from feeling like summer. This dress picked my mood right up. The few issues were easily fixable ones - it was way too big, to begin with, the skirt was tiered which was super unflattering and the bottom fell right on top of my ankle - not a flattering look for my 5 foot frame.
First thing that I did was seam-rip the dress off at the top tier. This left the bodice and about half of the skirt. I do admit I cut a few corners here and there. Such as - I never actually pulled out the seam ripped threads, so all along the bottom are small pieces of severed red thread. I also may have gotten frustrated with the seam ripping and just straight up tore it. Whoops.
Next, I tackled the sizing. I turned the dress inside out and took in the sides about 1 inch each. I then reshaped the waist a bit more to cut in at the smallest part of my waist and then go back out, thus creating a "bubble skirt". The inside red line in the picture is mine, and then I cut out the excess.

And believe it or not - that was it! Now, I did forget the golden rule - bring in at the sides and then chop off the bottom, so it did turn out a smidgeon lot short. I am actually quite in love with how it turned out... when I stand still. Unfortunately, as a human, I need to move and such and when I do that in this dress I'm not confident that I'm keeping my wardrobe at a "G" rated level. Because I love the shape so much, I will probably add on some fabric from the original bottom to the new bottom to lengthen it to a more appropriate level as well as bring in the bodice an inch or two more, but otherwise, this is right up there with some of my other favorite projects!
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Until next Thursday - good night!