Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Blog-Day!!

Happy Blog-Day!!

Why do I call it that, you ask? Well - this day last year was the day that I decided to go ahead and build this blog; to put myself out there, failures and all, for all of you to see, criticize and enjoy. Today, I'm still at it and even have a following. I'd call it success, for sure.

Today's project was chosen strictly because of its color. I had gone to Joann Fabrics a while ago and bought a bunch of thread, unknowingly purchasing two teal colors that I already had at home. So... I had a lot of teal to use up. Luckily, I found this:
Pay attention to the dress now - pay no attention to my just-showered mop of hair.

This wasn't actually too bad of a dress - the color was pretty and the waist elastic was still in fantastic shape. I was not, however, a fan of the many buttons going directly down my chest. It was super unflattering, and when you add it to the mid-calf length, it wasn't a flattering dress in the least.

There was definitely potential though. My first step was to chop off the bottom to make it at least knee-length. This necessitated my using my  new favorite toy - the chalk wheel. You literally just draw on clothing. It's pretty awesome.
I then pinned up my new bottom hem, and brought a new character to the party...
That's right - I actually ironed my seams down before I sewed them. This is what we call: professional.

I then needed to work with the rest of the dress. After playing with the buttons quite a bit, I had a thought: these buttons would look way better on the back. So, because I do basically whatever I want, I put on the dress backward. This worked out quite nicely, save for the new neckline that was now cutting me off at the jugular. I almost put in the standard V-neck, but decided to veer off that well-beaten path and branch out a bit... to a scoop neck. (Oooooh, ahhhh, ohhhhh) As I didn't see anything else to help me out on this, I looked down and realized my tank top I was wearing had a pretty fantastic scoop neck. So... off it came and down on the table it went.
I traced the neckline, cut that half out, folded it over on the other side and used that part as a guide to make the other side even.  At that point, it was just a matter of sewing it down and throwing it on.

Final result:
It ended up being an overwhelming amount of teal when viewing from the front, so that is why I added a belt to break it up a bit. But the back I fell instantly in love with.
And what did I do with my shiny new dress, you ask? Well, I went straight to Wegman's to get Sophie and me some birthday cake. Because we deserve it.
1 year baby!
Here's to hoping it settles onto Sophie's hips and not mine.
As always, feel free to leave me some comments below, or I always enjoy your e-mails to as well. I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous Sunday, and feel free to grab yourself a tasty dessert and celebrate 1 year with me :)