Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thrift Scores

Happy Sunday Funday! I spent a fantastic long weekend with the family - eating good food and having good fun with good people. In the midst of all the fun, I didn't get a project done. But I thought it might be nice to show ya'll the other side of thrifting - finding things that don't need to be changed at all.

I didn't get to take pictures of all my thrift scores, as they are scattered throughout my house and some are in the washer from a recent wearing, but I found 3 examples from a recent shopping trip that will make my point.

First, there was this find from Merona, a Target brand, for $3.
The belt was my own addition - I could certainly swap it out for a thin black one to make it a bit more work friendly.

The next one got my Syracuse-brain piqued, and I couldn't help but pick up this American Eagle find for $1.50.
The last one I could find is a New York and Company printed skirt find for $1.
I'm not a huge fan of printed skirts, but this one was so bouncy and flowy that I had to pick it up. It doesn't look too bad with my homemade chamois shirt, but I think I would be safer with just a plain white or black shirt - or maybe go crazy with a bold color.

And so I'm not completely letting everyone down - here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on, but was unable to finish by the time I wanted to go to bed. (Fail.)
This one may or may not include a video too.... surprise!

Additionally, I did not get to cooking a crock pot meal either...

... but my mom did!
Here's her recipe:
- a big chunk o' beef
- one packet of onion soup/dip mix (less if you're sensitive to salt)
- one can of cream of mushroom soup.
Throw the chunk o' beef in the crock pot, and throw the onion mix on top, followed by the soup. Then, cook on high for 5 hours ("fall-apart tender", mom says) or somewhere around 8-10 hours on low. Mom served it cut up into portions and slathered in gravy, but you can have your way with it when you it is good and done.

Grab some beef, grab some wine, watch some football and enjoy your Sunday night!!

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