Sunday, November 3, 2013

Denim Dare Me!

So this week I've got a bit of a copycat going on. I've been playing with the idea of chambray shirts. I can't decide whether it's just a fancy denim shirt and children will laugh at the trend in a few years, or if it's a fun trend that I want to jump on. Looking at stores around me, I didn't find any prices that I was willing to pay. For instance...
You can find this Gap shirt here for $59.99. What. A. Steal. I knew I could do better and, with a little work, I could make it perfect. So, I found this and knew it was meant to be.
First thing I did was lit a candle and got some liquid courage... I'm slightly in love with the tiny little candles available at Bath and Body Works. They're cheap, they burn for hours and they smell delicious. I'm good with that.
The dress was a bit big, so I took it in about an inch or so on each side. I did a straight stitch first, and then followed it with a zig-zag stitch to really lock it in there and not have any embarrassing holes should a stitch break somewhere. This didn't have to be pretty because no one would see it. Once it was sewn, I cut off the excess.
Next, I cut the dress shorter. I cut it about waist-length and hemmed up the bottom. I saved the bottom scrap, as it was a rather large scrap and a very soft denim as I'm sure I could use it for something. I also made sure to pop off and save the buttons - never can have too many buttons!
That was that! It was a super simple fix and, in my not so humble opinion, it looks fantastic. Bonus: it's super comfortable. I rolled up the sleeves to make it look like the original and I was good to go.
This is probably going to be a normal addition to my weekend rotation. Until children start laughing at the trend.

In other news, I'm getting back into the habit of doing crock-pot meals on Sundays. These are so easy and laid back and super simple to throw together and go about your day. I've decided I'm going to make this a bonus on my posts - whenever I throw together a crock pot meal while I sew, I'll include the recipe on here as well. I hope you benefit from lazy Sunday's as well by using some of these recipes (often stolen from Pinterest).

Today's Crock Pot meal - Chicken and Stuffing.
- Chicken breast (skinless, boneless and what have you)
- Stove Top stuffing (1 package)
- 1 can cream of chicken soup
- 1/2 cup sour cream
Here's my favorite part: throw shit in the pot. Put the chicken on bottom and cover with the stuffing mix. Mix together the sour cream, the soup and 1/4 cup of water and throw that on top of the stuffing. Then put the cover on it and stick it on low for 4 hours.
*Disclaimer: As I'm writing this during my 4 hour wait, I can't really tell you it's delicious. It could suck, but that's just the risk you take.*
Happy Sunday :)