Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nothing to see here...

Sorry folks. Failed you again, as there is no project this weekend.

I don't say this because I didn't have anything planned (I did) or because I'm lazy (I sure haven't been) or because I had a fun weekend and didn't get around to sewing (literally the least fun weekend ever). 

It's because if this -

And this - 
Apologies for crappy iPhone photos. 

Is this spring cleaning? You may ask. Nope, that's more fun. This is my craft room, post flood. That's right - we had the most random flipping leak from somewhere, still don't know where, that caused over 40 percent of our basement to flood with water - most damage being my craft room. 

Here's the picture: my husband and I, hanging out watching Shark Tank. Suddenly, the power goes off. I say "I'll get the candles from the basement". And off to the basement I stumble (no power, remember? No lights = a Colette who appears to have never stepped in this house in her life. It happens, but that's not the story). 

So I head downstairs to my craft room with the intent of finding candles and the one lighter that we own but can never find. I get to the bottom step and hear a squish - but I'm walking with purpose now so the squish is on the back of my mind. I get into my craft room and my feet get soaked and there's tons more squishing. Through the back of the basement, I see inches of water (past the tops of my feet). I scream "honey!" with the fear of god in my voice. In reply - a loud "what?!"  Mind you, I use that same fear of god voice when I see a mouse, see a shadow or hear a loud noise, so he wasn't all that concerned. Once I said flood though, man, did he come running. 

Mind you, this whole time we're in the dark. Once we finally got to assess the situation and get out a few "oh shit"s, it came back on. 

We finally got the unfinished part of the basement drained (thanks for too little too late Mr Sump Pump) and all of our (soaked) stuff out of our storage space, and got out our wet/dry vac to attempt to save the carpet. Which pretty much immediately began to smoke and became utterly useless. So the hubby and I spent the majority of the night stepping on towels to soak up water, and rotating new ones out of the washer/dryer. 

To make a long story... well, still long, but coming to an end: we rented a carpet cleaner from Home Depot and strictly used the extractor to get the water out. As you see in the above picture, we are pretty much putting all our faith into a dehumidifier and a bunch of fans. Together, we decided to go with the least intrusive (and cheaper) options before we go into calling everything a loss and throwing out all the carpet. Fingers crossed that that is an option we don't have to turn to. 

In summation - bear with me. I'm tired (enough so that I don't even care about googling which "bear/bare" I should have used in that last sentence), and grumpy, and missed out on shopping this weekend. 

However! Silver lining: it's the holiday season, a three day work week is in front of me and Black Friday fun is quickly approaching. I can stick this out. And I'm hoping my basement can too. 

As for crock pot meal - remember the tired and grumpy part? Yeah, well, it shows in my "cooking". 

That, my friends, is the most simple meal in the world. $10 meal a la Wegmans - pulled pork in a bag. Cook in the bag, open bag, eat meat. Boom.