Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make it Work - Even if it is Bubblegum

Happy Sunday Funday friends. Today''s project comes from a purchase last night. I had my family over to celebrate my 6th Annual 21st Birthday and brought them all to Salvation Army. Don't I know how to treat them special?

We had a good laugh, for sure, and I found myself two garments rather quickly that had potential. Today's was found for $1.50 (thank you, half off blue tag)

First thing I did was remove the dreadful shoulder pads.

This fabric was a nice sweatshirt like material, so my initial though was to cut it off at the waist and have a short sleeve, overly large sweatshirt. I got out my rotary cutter and went at it.

Soon after it was cut, I put it on and realized I made a crop top. This, folks, would not work - mama doesn't do crop tops. Crop anything, really.

I looked around for fabric that I could use to make it longer. I found tons of fabric that wouldn't work, such as tulle, patterned, silk, lace... all of which would have just looked off. Finally, I found a scrap from my  denim dress refashion when I made my own chamois shirt. This would work perfectly.

I took the two ends and put them together to create a loop. Then, I sewed up the seam to take care of the edges from the skirt and take out the part with the button holes. Voila.

Next, I took my loop "skirt" and bubblegum pink top and put them together. I pinned it up, and sewed it down. See what's happening now?

Once it was sewn up, I pushed the dress down and had my own dress. It is more of something that I would put over leggings, but as all of mine are currently in the wash (laundry day should probably stop being the same day as blog day) ya'll get to see a bit o' leg. You're welcome.

By the way, I'm sure you've noticed that I am now taking pictures in the mirror again. Hopefully this will be the first in a long time and the last forever. My camera is on the fritz so I am now on the market for new. Any suggestions?

(As always, had to throw a belt on it and jack it up!) The more I look at it, the more I know I need to do something else with the top. I'll probably continue playing with this one. It's not the most stylish thing I've ever made (far, far from) but it is pretty comfy. BONUS: I still have the entire skirt to play with.

Let me know your camera suggestions in the comments or, as always, feel free to e-mail your boo's, hisses and praises to