Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!


I was super excited for this New Year to start - not because 2013 wasn't good, but because I'm over this snow thing already. Bring on March and April, when the sun comes out and flowers start poking up, if not in the ground then definitely in stores. Yes - I am writing this as we are receiving a sweet snowstorm. Awesome.

There's no refashion today because, well, I'm at work (shh don't tell!) but I wanted to revisit last years resolutions and see how I did. Additionally... let's make some more!

Here's last years:
1) Work off all the post-holiday extra poundage.
RESULT: ehhhh not so much. However, I did get much healthier and can run a lot longer and harder than I did at the beginning of last year, so I'm going to call this a win.

2) Experience Syracuse.
RESULT: Win. I definitely got out a bit more - not as much as I could or should have, but definitely did more than I used to (which wasn't hard to do more than nothing, really). I also got out and experienced a lot more places - Rochester, Boston, Cape Vincent, Limerick... "gotta catch 'em all!" (No, I didn't watch Pokemon but yes, that sure is a reference to it.)

3) Find more thrift stores!
RESULT: I did super well at this... in the beginning. Then it was back to my trusty ol' Salvation Army. Half of this reasoning is that I don't want to explore Syracuse and end up in the "bad" part and get shot at... which coincidentally is about 80% of this place. So, there's that.

4) I want to post projects on a more regular schedule.
RESULT: I've certainly set a schedule (hey there, Sunday Funday) but I wasn't all that fantastic at regularly posting on it. You may see a repeat in the New Year's list.
And last but not least... here's this years list!
1) Continue the path to being healthy. I've certainly realized that losing weight does not necessarily mean getting healthier - so I'd like to continue my running and lifting routines. If I happen to lose weight, that's great, but my goal is to just continue to have excellent physicals and not breathing embarrassingly hard on walks up the stairs.
2) Take better care of my skin. I admit - I go to bed with makeup on, rarely wash my face in the mornings, led alone at night, and I am seen sorely infrequently putting on sunscreen of any sort. It's not that I didn't know all of this was bad for my skin, I just didn't care because I am young and bulletproof  (obviously). Only recently have I begun a routine of washing my face in the mornings and at night and using moisturizer, and it's pretty scary how my skin has improved in just the few weeks I've started. I would love to see what I would look like had I been doing this all along, but now will only see improvements from now on. Take note, children.
3) Post more frequently. I would love to do more than Sundays, but I'll start out by getting on a permanent schedule of Sundays and then work to adding some throughout the week. I don't like letting ya'll down.
So, that is it for now. I don't like to go all crazy making promises to myself because you and I both know that promises to yourself are the hardest to keep. I also think that improving yourself and creating habits can happen any time throughout the year - New Years Resolutions be damned - so feel free to see this as a jumping off point. I encourage you to do the same!
Enjoy your New Year, make it the best and baddest, be crazy, make your own happiness and all that jazz. Meanwhile, while you're doing all that, feel free to take a break and check out my "Before And After" page. I've updated all the pictures, and in the next week or so will make all the pictures a link to the post that it coincides with. That way, God forbid you miss a post, you can always go back to the Before and After page and be able to easily find it. How's that for a how-do-you-do?
I will close with this: Hi Aunt Cheryl! :) Thanks again for reading all religiously and such - I very much appreciate it.