Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Got It!!

Happy Sunday!! I had a weekend in my hometown celebrating my moms birthday. Upon arrival home, I got to crack open this little box of awesomeness.

You knew it happened... But did you know it was purple? And that it came with a lot of crap I didn't recognize?!
Four feet, four bobbins, two spool holders, five needles, a button putter onner (technical term, obviously), spool caps (and some felt spool washer looking things), a seam ripper (all too familiar with that!), a brush to clean it with (apparently it comes with chores), a button holer (I'm surprised myself to learn that is the technical term - that's my kind of English), a dust cover and a screw driver to get the plate off. Singer could have saved money on their design because a quarter works just as well. Anyway - it's a lot of stuff. Not to mention this machine takes up a lot more space. My desk never looked so small. 

So, a project did not happen today as I familiarized myself with all the new buttons and moving parts. Beside that fact, I'm one of those people that have to read the user manual and watch the instructional video before I do anything. I got to reading all of it today, and will get through the video tomorrow. 

Until that time, I'm going to occupy myself by watching my nails. My sister and I took my mom to the salon and they got pedicures while I decided to try my hand (get it?!) at a gel manicure. I chose orange. And brown. How did I do that?! It changes with my moods (or temperature if you don't give in to your inner teenager). I think it tells my mood pretty accurately actually. Here's an example - can you tell my mood here?

Honestly though - this cracks me up. 

Enjoy the weekend friends, and expect something fun next Sunday once I know how to use my new machine.