Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bye Bye LBD

Happy Sunday all! Things are starting to look up - it's actually above 0* and I have had a great Friday at work (just Friday... the rest sucked). I spent a congratulatory Saturday wine touring at some of the best wineries... it was a fantastic weekend.

So this weeks project was pretty fun to do. I even got Sophie involved. Here's what I started with.
Pretty gorgeous, right? This had little black dress potential, but felt more like a jacked up mermaid dress. Something had to happen here and frankly, I was sick of dresses. So, I pulled out Sophie and decided to make myself a shirt of a different kind. I literally had no idea what I was doing - so I just winged it.

I knew I wanted to keep the little skirt at the bottom, but was unsure where I wanted to put it. Once it was on Sophie, I decided to bring the skirt up to an empire waist. No one hates an empire waist. I turned the dress up and took an inappropriate picture of Sophie. This is all for you guys.
I pinnned the seam from the skirt to the area where I wanted my new waist to be.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures other than the above one of the process so... get out your imaginations.

I sewed a new seam where the pins are in the above picture and then cut off all the excess below the pins. Then I turned eerything right side out and had myself a peplum style empire waisted shirt. The skirt made the peplum super puffy, so I brought the sides of the lower part of the shirt in about 4 inches on each side so it wasn't quite so "bubbly" around my middle. I have 4 gym sessions a week that call to the fact that I don't want anything extraneous hanging out around my middle.

In the end, I didn't hate the result. I wasn't in love with it, but I adore the fact that I did it correctly that it didn't look like a dress that was half sewed upside down..... because it was.
I've decided to bring back a trend that I started at the end of last year but didn't quite continue because my weekends were hectic: slow cooker meals. I decided to bring it back to my homestead this weekend. I bought a packet of slow cooker sauce at Target. For those interested, they were having a special for $1.50 each and, when buying 10 you got a free $5 gift card (essentially making them $1 each). I only picked up one because I had no idea how they would taste. It was pretty easy to throw together. It was literally the packet of slow cooker sauce and a 2-pound pork shoulder.

VERDICT: It had good taste, but was super salty. Although it was super easy to put together and pretty inexpensive for the amount of meat it produced, I probably would not repurchase because of the salt.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this week's post. As alway, feel free to leave comments or click on the "Contact Me" page to sned me a message.