Sunday, February 2, 2014

Little Bit of Blogger Help

So I've had my eye on something lately... and it's not the TV for the big bad Superbowl today. Although that is on in my vicinity as well, so, I guess I have my eye on two things.

I figure the people that typically search for or read this blog are sewists. (Again - not sewers. Never sewers.) So, I figure who's better at giving me some good opinions? You guys :)

So here's my problem. I love my sewing machine. It was a Christmas gift from my sister and has brought me through a whole 16 months of blogging. However, I'm soon realizing that although it's super easy to use... it doesn't do much. It has two types of stitches, zig zag and straight, and I have the option to make them long or short. I've found myself doing a lot by hand (blind stitches, for example). So I've dabbled. I've stalked Joann and her fabrics. I've met website after website of sales and teased plenty of my sewing machine salesladies with my questions and disappointed them when I didn't purchase. I think I've narrowed it down to one.
It's pretty, it's purple, and the picture is a link to Joann's website so I don't get sued. Oh yeah... and it's currently on sale for more than half off.
So, I haven't pulled the trigger yet, because it's not often that I go out and spend more than $100 on something that I have at home and isn't broken. I don't really "upgrade" unless I don't like the original or have broken it completely. So I need some motivation... or other options.
That's where ya'll come in... I need your advice! Thanks in advance, friends.

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