Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fixing for Family - Part 2

Hey friends! I'm still working on the project mentioned last week - life and work got in the way a bit. This weekend I finished up Mandy's other dress. As a reminder, it looks like this. 
Mandy wasn't a huge fan of the hi-lo hem. As you may remember - I was a bit nervous last time to cut into someone else's clothes. This time, I came prepared. 

Just kidding, I wouldn't drink while cutting into other peoples clothes. That's for after. Since the front was a fine length for Mandy, I concentrated more on the back. Chop chop!
Next, I made a hem on the back, ironed it down and sewed it up. Short and sweet. As the back was rounded into the front (hence the hi-lo hem) the two sides ended up being slightly longer than the front and the back. I almost went at it again with the scissors, but stopped when I put it on and noticed this illusion disappeared. Glad I stopped! I'm sure Mandy did not want herself a hoe dress if I kept cutting!
Final look :) sorry Mandy - purse isn't included! (Unless I totally ruined your dresses; then it's all yours!)

Have fun friends - hope you enjoyed your weekend and I wish you a most restful Sunday night! See ya next week!