Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Easy

Happy Easter, all! I have a quick and easy project for you today. I had anticipated this being a long one, but it was super quick. That fact was very welcome after a full (full!) day of spring cleaning.
I started with this gorgeousness.
All in all, this wasn't so bad. What grabbed my eye was the pattern - the blues and purples are very pretty together. Also, it is silk, lightweight and super comfortable for summer. It didn't button (most of them were gone even if it could), so I definitely had to work around that as well. The final sell was the fact that it had pockets. That's pretty much always a sure thing.
First, I got rid of the ridiculously large shoulder pads.
Then I cut off the collar, and tucked down the ends and sewed them down.
The next thing I did (and failed to take a picture of) was cut off the bottom of the too long skirt. As this was silk, I did not finish the bottom. I made sure to make even cuts so it didn't look like I hacked away at it... although that is exactly what I did. Doesn't get any easier than a "cut and go".
Lastly, I didn't know what to do with the sleeves. I didn't want to cut them off, but I also didn't want to leave them long. For now, I compromised by rolling them up to a short-sleeve length. I've always been a fan of the roll-sleeve. It's the definition of lazy-girl fashion sans sloppiness.
Then it was just a matter of removing the few remaining buttons, and voila! The most comfortable silk, light summer dress that I'm sure I will get tons of use out of. When it is no longer 40 degrees.