Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Been a Bumpy Weekend

So I think I may be a disappointment this week, friends. All I have is story time today.
I went home this weekend to see my family and spend time with my parents. Also, I've been having a few car troubles - such as my anti-lock brake system not working - so I wanted my dad to take a look at it as he owns a manual to my car. This, I would soon learn, was the beginning of my car problems.
Now, I live in the mountains where this winter really took a toll. The roads back home aren't fantastic to begin with, but throw in tons of snow and vicious plows, and the roads are just screwed. Safe to say, there are potholes. During my ride home, I hit one of these potholes. Hard. And my hubcap came flying off and rolled across the road. I stopped the car and my husband and I went searching for it. We found it, figured ourselves lucky, and continued our trip home.... where my "maintenance required" light on my dashboard promptly turned on. Grand total of lights on my dashboard: 3.
We get home, put the hubcap back on and soon realize... it's not mine. We found a hubcap that wasn't mine, but nonetheless fit. It would look funny, but it would work for now and we figured we'd stop on the way back the next day and find mine.
The rest of the trip was great and we enjoyed the time spent with family. Today, we headed out and stopped on the way back in the area where I lost my hubcap. Did I find it? Yes. And four of its friends.
Come to find out, that pothole was a real bitch for a lot of people.
So Mike and I get home and go about our business. Then, we start to smell gas. Apparently, we have a gas leak somewhere in our basement. What's also in our basement? My craft room. This is the reason you are not seeing a project right now.
So instead, you are getting my "over it" selfie.
Although this post is not entirely lacking of thrift store items. Today was a gorgeous weather day (79 degrees!) so I broke out a summer dress. In the above picture is my new thrift score: an adorable A-line dress, that needed no work, that cost $3. Score!

So on with the week we go - it'll be a week full of service men: furnace men, car care men... all sorts of repair shit. My apologies for the language. All I can say is thank God for family and the comic relief that just being around them can bring.

And speaking of family, please send your thoughts and prayers to my aunt, who is a strong and resilient woman recovering from a stroke that she had yesterday. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders for this blog, as well as a loving and caring family member.

In the meantime, enjoy your week and I promise as soon as this gas thing is under control, I will be back at the sewing machine with just as little skill as before.