Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY Shirt Copycat

Happy Sunday friends :)

Unfortunately, my Christmas plans for the weekend fell through when Mother Nature decided to drop an ice storm on the in-laws. The roads were a complete mess and they lost power for more than 24 hours. In result, we did not go home and were not able to have the family Christmas this weekend. Luckily, we are all getting together on Wednesday (Christmas day) and spending time together. I'm certainly glad we didn't skip it, and even more glad that the ice storm is over and the power to my in-laws is restored.

Meanwhile in my house, I am having the worst luck with everything electronic. I finally got my sewing machine cleaned up and greased so it is no longer making any clunking noises. So, I prepared for today's project and got my thrift store garments all set. I turned on my camera... and nothing. It turned on, but as soon as I pushed the button to take a picture, it turned off. Even with a change of batteries, nothing was working. Then when I sat down to write this very blog, my computeres "r" key decided to stop working. When you're doing a post aboutt a "shirt" it happens to be a pretty necessary letter and keeps it from being comparable to poo. Luckily, I improvised with a wireless keyboard and my iPad. If I lose my iPad though - I'm giving up forever.

So, since my camera wasn't working properly, I had one choice - video. So here you are - a video of me walking you through creating a shirt from scratch. And it actually worked this time, so that's always a bonus.

Enjoy :)

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Happy Holidays, and may all your electronics work better than mine.