Sunday, May 4, 2014

Anniversary Celebration

Hello all! I know last week was disappointing (no post) and unfortunately those of you looking for a refashion today will remain that way. Those of you that have been asking for more insight into who I am - this is for you! Although, refashion fans hold tight - I'm hoping for a mid-week refashion, or possibly a haul of some sort because a new, and from what I hear awesome, consignment store just opened nearby. 
My husband and my anniversary is May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!), so we decided to treat ourselves to a quick getaway. We purchased a Groupon for Niagara Falls, which is a bit more than 2 hours from our house. The Groupon came with tons of free stuff, so it was the perfect, affordable getaway. I thought I'd spend today's post showing some of our favorite sites!

First, we walked the American side on Saturday. 

Immediately after our walk, it started pouring so we decided to go to the casino across the street from our hotel, where we proceeded to receive $20 each as promotional credits and free drinks while we were at the slots. Essentially, we made $20 from the experience and a sweet buzz. 

On Sunday, we walked over to Canada via the pedestrian bridge. This was completely the way to go - cars were lined up to enter Canada for hours, and we got to walk past them all. The pedestrian customs to Canada took 4 minutes at most, and walking back took just about the same. Walking was a good choice. Sunday was also a lot sunnier, so the views were that much more gorgeous. The photos came out more true to life - especially how green the water was! 

On the Canadian side, I was amazed how close we got. We were soaked from the mist, but it was worth it. First we got this close -

And then we kept going, to the point where we were basically right on top of the Canadian owned falls. 

We had such a great time. I loved the history and the sites - and the thrift in me loved the loads of free stuff! 

Keep checking in this week to see my finds from the new store. Bad or good, you know you'll see it here!!

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