Sunday, May 11, 2014

My New Favorite Skirt

I am super excited about this project, guys. Not only am I excited because it turned out well... but it was pretty easy too! I'm not lying when I said it turned out well. I can't wait to wear this and I think if it was something I saw in the store I would purchase it. I'd shell out a solid 10-15 dollars for this, I think. I am a thrifter, after all.
First thing I got together were the raw materials. This is happening from scratch. 
Next, I cut off the ends with the Joann fabric logo. I'm all for Joann's, but I'm not going to wear the logo unless I'm getting the check. So chop chop goes the ends!
Next, I measured the fabric to my waist and cut off the excess. I sewed up the ends to create a tube. I did this with the "right side" of the fabric out and, because it was such a stretchy fabric, used a zig-zag stitch to keep the stretch. I promise I haven't gone crazy and forgot how to make seams - I have a plan.
Next, I flipped the tube inside out, and sewed down the seam once more.
This enclosed the raw edge so it wasn't against my skin and made it itchy. As the skirt only has one seam, my plan was to put it in the back so the skirt didn't look lopsided. Sitting on a raw edged seam just didn't sound appealing to me. BONUS: I almost nailed matching up the pattern. Almost.
Fine. I was only close on one square.
Next, I measured a 2inch wide black elastic around my waist. One thing I always do wrong with this elastic is that I never stretch it enough when measuring around my waist. I do this every time and this time was no exception. If you do this - don't be afraid to stretch it quite a bit when you measure. I always get nervous that it looks too small so I don't stretch it as much and it always ends up too big. Once I had it cut, I sewed up the edges.
Once the edges were all sewn up, I attached the skirt to the elastic and voila - I had a skirt! I threw on a white tank to ensure the skirt was well seen in my pictures, but for work I'd tone it down with a simple black shirt.
My apologies on the blurry picture. My camera took everything super blurry because I was on a weird function and didn't notice it.
As for the bottom, since it was a fabric that is not going to fray, I left the edges raw. I made clean cuts on it so it is not uneven and unless you look close you don't even notice that there is no hem. If I don't just leave it like this (which I probably will) I would do a blind hem, so the stitches don't ruin the fantastic pattern.
Don't think this was all sorts of easy peasy and that I'm getting skilled here, folks. I still have my serious faults. Such as my ability to match up seams...
You win some, you lose some.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there that bust their butts to ensure their family gets everything their hearts desire - mine especially. There wasn't a day that went by (or still goes by) that my mom didn't wear about 20 hats within the house. Enjoy your day, Moms!