Monday, May 19, 2014

Quick and Easy

Sorry this post is a day late. Tends to happen when you forget to hit "Publish".

What happens when you've got somewhere to be real quick-like? Or when you've got an idea for a project but don't want to make it final by sewing it quite yet? Or when something is just not quite right?

Safety pins. (And shameless plugs of old wedding decor that I swore I'd use again)
Here's what I started with... When I bought it, I thought I was getting a sweet deal on a dress. I threw it in my cart when I saw the $3 price tag, and danced out of the thrift store. Then... I put it on..


What is this?! (The dress, not the slippers. The basement is chilly!)

I had to get rid of those flaps, but didn't want to just cut them off because I'd have to tear the entire dress in half. Eventually, that'll be where I go with it. For now - ain't nobody got time for that. I had a summery weekend to enjoy. So, I went with the following steps. 

1. Gather weird flaps. 

2. Stretch flaps and bring together. 

3. Tuck it in like you do your phone when you have no pockets. (Come on, I can't be the only one! Anyone? Anyone?!)

4. Pin until it doesn't look weird. 

With one simple fix in four easy steps, my dress is no longer a "what is that?" dress. 

Coming up: it's rummage sale season! I'm excited to try to pull my experiences whilst rummage saling into my posts - possibly with a "day in the life" or hauls. If you hate it, let me know. If it interests you and want to see more, let me know that too. As always - comment away or reach me at!