Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Awesomeness

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a day to remember those that fought for our freedom. I saw a perfect saying today "Home of the free, because of the brave". I think this encompasses the spirit of the day very well. Both of my brothers, numerous uncles and my grandfather are all included in that brave, and I am more than proud to say I am related to and support that kind of dedication to our country.

I had to find an awesome dress for this weekend, and this one fit the bill:
It had good bones and a fantastic pattern... but it was completely see-through. Not all that appropriate for any sort of public festivities - or just public in general.

With time not on my side (gorgeous weather! cookouts! family time! Ice Cream!) I made a quick three cuts. That was all it took to make this into a great top. I cut the bottom portion of the dress off (it's not like a see through dress was of any use to me), shortened the arms and made the neck less constricting.

With a quick sew on the arms and the bottom hem (I kept the boatneck with a cut edge) my shirt was ready for the holiday!
And because the holiday is one to celebrate the soldiers - I threw some red, white and blue together in the spirit of freedom.

Along with a National Holiday, today is also my husbands birthday. With the weather being absolutely gorgeous, it demanded us being outside. We went to a National Park near us and took a quick three mile hike around the lake. The views, however few and far between, were quite awesome.

Oh yeah - and I may or may not have dyed me hair pink. 

Answer - may not. I ain't crazy! Although, hair chalk on sale at TJMaxx saw me coming a mile away.

Enjoy your holiday all! Happy Memorial Day!