Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fishy Fishy

It's Sunday!

I've had quite the pleasant weekend, actually. As you may or may not have heard, the Northeast US got slammed with quite a bit of snow, and we certainly were not missed. Luckily, it was the weekend so we didn't have to go anywhere. We took the opportunity to hang around the house and get some relaxing in before the holiday rush. It wasn't all too bad - we snowblowed the driveway twice and all together got about a foot of snow. I've had worse.

Because of our nice, quiet weekend, I had plenty of time to work on projects. I went thrift shopping and also got my project done. That's where the stress-free weekend ended.

I started with this fishy masterpiece:
 It was a size 3X, and it may or may not have supposed to have been a long shirt. I'm still out on that one. I was inspired to buy this from all the popular printed sweatshirts/sweaters being sold lately. I know it's a fad, so I don't want to spend money on it, but I enjoy the look so this $3 dollar sensation was calling my name. Bonus: it was made of a black sweatshirt material.

First thing I did on this one was cut off the bottom panel, right under the sewn-in pockets.
At first, I thought the pockets were going to be a mess, since they were sewn in, but the large size of the dress made it simple to just pin up the middle, right inside the ends of the pockets, and cut them out altogether while bringing in the dress as well. And that's how I rock the two-for-one deal while sewing.
I used my ruler as a guide for my copious amount of pins, and followed it right up from bottom to top and also took a few inches off of the sleeves as well so they weren't quite as baggy.
That was as simple as that. I now had myself a patterned sweater to wear that I could fall into the trend AND be fiscally responsible. (I don't get to say that very often, so you just go ahead and read that last sentence over again for good measure. Go ahead - I'll wait.)
And now, for my no-snow friends: here's a bit of snowy glory for you. The snow covered trees are, and always will be, my favorite sight of all.
Don't tell me that doesn't blow your mind.
No crockpot meal this weekend folks. My apologies - I've started in on the Christmas cookie baking, so I had to have my counters clear.
However, you may have caught up on the fact that I said after my project was finished the stressful weekend ended. That is because my sewing machine is up to it's horrible game of "I don't want to work". It explodes thread. And, although funny at first, it's not becoming a fun game. It may become out of commission for a bit while I get it cleaned and tuned up. Stay tuned.